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Reports & Publications


Developing and Assessing Economic, Energy, and Climate Security and Investment Options for the US

Center for Climate Strategies: Strategic Investment Project Report -PDF


Integrated Benefits Analysis of the USDOE Advanced Technology Programs

US Department of Energy (DOE): Integrated Benefits Analysis of Advanced Technology Programs Report-PDF


Addressing the Critical Need for Longer Term Energy Planning in Pakistan

PAK-IEM Final Workshop Presentation PDF

PAK-IEM Model Design

PAK-IEM Policy Analysis

PAK-IEM User's Guide


Optimal Strategies for Achieving the Objectives of the American Clean Energy and Security Act (NRDC):

Analysis of US CO2 Reduction Legislation- NRDC Report-PDF


Southeast Europe and Eurasia Regional Energy Security and Market Development  Policy Brief

RESMD Policy Brief-PDF (not yet available)


Economic Analysis of Clean Energy Options for Kuwait

Economic Analysis of Clean Energy Options for Kuwait-PDF


Scenario Analysis of Investment Options for the Cuban Power Sector,  Energy Policy, February 2010


ChinaEnergy Futures Study  presentation and Energy Policy journal articles

DeLaquil-BP-CEC Presentation-PPT

Future Implications of China's Energy Technology Choices-PDF


TIMES Documentation

Documentation for the TIMES Model, International Energy Agency - Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme, 2005 (


MARKAL Documentation

Documentation for the MARKAL Family of Models, International Energy Agency – Energy Technology System Analysis Programme, October 2004 (


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