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The DWG principles, Gary A. Goldstein and Pascal (Pat) DeLaquil, have decades of experience managing independent small businesses or business units that have provided professional consultation and organized associate experts in the fields of clean energy, energy system modeling and policy analysis for a variety of clients including the US Department of Energy,  US Environmental Protection Agency,  Natural Resources Defense Council,  and Center for Climate Strategies,  as well the US Agency for International Development the World Bank  and the Asian Development Bank.



DWG functions as a virtual office with locations in Washington, DC, Annapolis, MD and Sag Harbor, NY.



Pascal (Pat) DeLaquil

Pat DeLaquil


Chief Executive Officer

Expertise:  Energy systems modeling and policy analysis, renewable energy, energy efficiency

Education:  PhD, Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1976 and BS Marine Engineering, US Merchant Marine Academy.


Dr. DeLaquil has been a leader in the commercialization of clean and renewable energy technologies for over 30 years. As  CEO of DecisionWare Group, he focuses on developing and using MARKAL/TIMES models to perform policy analyses, conduct energy supply - energy security studies, and undertake capacity building and model transfer on behalf of donors, governments and the private sector to identify optimal pathways for achieving economic development and environmental goals.


Dr. DeLaquil’s expertise also includes  technical, market and financial services to government, multilateral and private sector clients interested in the development, commercialization and market introduction of clean, renewable and energy efficient technologies.  He was recently Director of IRG-Analytics for International Resources Group, which is an international development consulting company working for USAID, Asian Development Bank and others.  He has led the formation of two clean energy start-up companies: EnergyWorks, a Bechtel-PacifiCorp joint venture, which out-sourced energy services for major industrial companies in developing countries through renewables and cogeneration, and another to market biomass gasifier systems to agribusiness customers in developing countries.


Prior to that, Dr. DeLaquil managed Bechtel’s interests in the development and commercialization of renewable energy technologies. Key projects developed by Dr. DeLaquil and his group were  the PV-USA Project with Pacific Gas & Electric and the 10 MW Solar Two Power Tower Project with Southern California Edison.


Dr. DeLaquil started his career in renewable energy technology development at Sandia National Laboratories, where he performed several studies evaluating the cost and performance of solar power tower technologies for both utility and industrial process heat applications.


Dr. DeLaquil holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.Sc. in Marine Engineering from the US Merchant Marine Academy   He has authored over 70 papers, reports, and articles on solar and renewable energy including chapters in two books on renewable energy technology.  He holds a patent for a high temperature solar receiver.




Gary A. Goldstein



Expertise:   Project Manager, Advanced Systems Analyst, Energy Systems Modeler

Education:   MS Computer Science, SUNY Stony Brook, BS Mathematics SUNY Cortland


Mr. Goldstein, a modeler and information systems specialist, has extensive experience in project management, development and deployment of complex energy systems models and the design of data handling systems to facilitate the management of energy, environmental and economic data to support analytic undertakings.


For over 18 years he has been a key member of the International Energy Agency’s Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP) responsible for the ongoing development of and worldwide support for the MARKAL/TIMES modeling framework. He has been a contributor to major initiatives to build global energy models at the US Energy Information Administration and the International Energy Agency. He has been heavily involved with significant MARKAL/TIMES model development and analysis undertakings for the US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agency, Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management, and Natural Resources Defense Council.


Mr. Goldstein has extensive international experience managing projects in numerous developing countries and conducting capability-building workshops for energy system researchers and planners throughout the world. He recently led an  11-country US Agency for International Development capacity building project in Southeast/Central Europe, and was a co-lead on an Asian Development Bank sponsored integrated energy modeling initiative for Pakistan. He has also coordinated efforts on behalf of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Stanford University Program for Energy and Sustainable Development, and the World Bank.


Prior to establishing DWG Mr. Goldstein ran the sister company DecisionWare Inc., was a senior manager at International Resources Group, worked for the International Atomic Energy Agency and was a founding expert at the National Center for Analysis of Energy Systems at Brookhaven National Laboratory.




Raghavender Palavadi Naga

Model Developer and Analyst





DWG Associates regularly work on DWG projects and are located around the world.


Amit Kanudia, India  (


Evelyn Wright, USA

Evelyn Wright is an economist with more than 15 years of experience in climate and energy policy analysis. She has been building and using models in the MARKAL/TIMES framework since 2001. At the US Environmental Protection Agency, she led the development of the agency's MARKAL modeling and scenario analysis team. Her recent projects include an analysis of federal climate bills for Natural Resources Defense Council and an analysis of the costs and benefits of technology research and development portfolios for the US Department of Energy and the Center for Climate Strategies. She was a lead modeler training local experts and guiding development of national planning models for energy ministries in eleven Southeast and Eastern European states on behalf of USAID. FACETS is her fourth US MARKAL/TIMES model.

Dr. Wright is also an experienced meeting facilitator and group trainer, and the author of Cool Tools for Hot Topics, a resource manual for groups working through difficult dialogues. Her goal is to develop analytical tools that support groups in thinking through complex energy-technology-environment issues.



Bruno Merven, South Africa UCT/ERC (


Steve Pye, United Kingdom


Anna Sikharulidze, Georgia


Maurizio Gargiulo, Italy, (


Roman Podolet, Ukraine


Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Efficiency (CRES), Greece (


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